Salzburg, Austria: Music, Lakes and Mountains Download

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  • Sep 16, 2009

  • More info on travel to Salzburg: We visit Salzburg — a world-class destination for live music — with over 2,000 performances bringing life to its churches and palaces year-round. Then, we'll take a train and boat to the lovely lakeside town of Hallstatt. At, you'll find money-saving travel tips, small-group tours, guidebooks, TV shows, radio programs, podcasts, and more on this destination.


  • Arthur R
    Arthur R 5 years ago


  • Alba Productions
    Alba Productions 6 years ago

    I was born in London to German parents from Hannover, My parents always told me how beautiful this part of the world is.

  • Superblyme139
    Superblyme139 6 years ago

    Everything is beautiful in Austria 

  • Fery Fery
    Fery Fery 3 years ago

    Long live my beautiful country Austria.

  • Kevin Wahl
    Kevin Wahl 5 years ago

    Alles Gute zu eurem Nationalfeiertag heute Österreich

  • António M M Caetano
    António M M Caetano 8 years ago

    A minha localidade preferida na Àustria, o Arcebispo era gajo de bom gosto...

  • Antonio Silva
    Antonio Silva 1 year ago

    Se apaixonar pela ÁUSTRIA é coisa mais fácil do mundo. Você olha uma paisagem ou ouve uma melodia austríaca e logo o amor acontece....e vai durar para sempre.

  • Hugo Pedersen
    Hugo Pedersen 7 years ago

    Salzburg is a wonderful city. I've also been to Hallstatt on a summer's day when it was pissing down with rain, and it was still an amazingly beautiful town. Can only imagine how great it must be when the sun is shining.

  • Marion Chito
    Marion Chito 4 years ago

    I visited Salzburg & Hallstatt last 2014 because of this video. Thank you Rick Steves for the recommendation. what a lovely place

  • bokeflo
    bokeflo 6 years ago

    Hopefully one day my travels will take me to Austria.

  • Ali Alkuwari
    Ali Alkuwari 7 years ago

    I'm obsessed with Austria , this place is really classy and privilege , I went to Vienna and Zell Am See I was absolutly amazed

  • skittlesareyum48
    skittlesareyum48 7 years ago

    I couldn't imagine living in such a place. As someone from Long Island, New York, which is all just bland sub urbs, it's unimaginable to me that people actually live in these absolutely amazing, postcard towns.

  • Galina Popova
    Galina Popova 4 years ago

    I used to live in Austria 30 years ago. it seems nothing changed up there. Hallstatt is one of my favourite Austrian towns and cities. it is a toy town - tiny, beautiful, and Moon lake and the mountains. are very appealing. Gruess Gote, Hallstatt!

  • Afg Razgul
    Afg Razgul 3 years ago

    Ich komme aus Afghanistan aber ich lebe in Österreich Österreich hat neuen 9 Burgenland die Hauptstadt von Österreich heißt Wien ich liebe Österreich weil ich lebe in Österreich zeit 17 Monaten bin ich in Österreich. Und Zeit 14 Monaten bin ich in Salzburg. Salzburg ist eine schöne Stadt 💌

  • Cindy Rotermund
    Cindy Rotermund 8 years ago

    Just got back from our Austria vacation and we spent 2 days in Hallstatt. Loved it!

  • Frances Van Siclen
    Frances Van Siclen 1 year ago

    My three favorite countries; Italy Scotland and Austria !!!!!

  • insas223
    insas223 7 years ago

    Lovely place. Been there twice and will probably go again.Anyone going there do also go to Berteschgaden in Germany,virtually next door.Not as lively as Salzburg, but a place full of history and beauty.

  • Zoey
    Zoey 2 years ago

    The houses by the lake look exactly like those pictured on the post card...simply beautiful and peaceful!!!

  • dankmon1992
    dankmon1992 8 years ago

    I'm studying abroad there in the Spring!!! Ich lerne Deutsch auf Salzburg!!!

  • Florian Stollmayer Channel # 2

    Wunderbar. Mozart is my favorite composer which I play a lot.