Hull City's Infamous 2016 Pre-Season Tour of Austria: Where Are They Now? Download

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  • Aug 6, 2020

  • From Premier League and Champions League winning Liverpool left-back Andy Robertson to Championship promotion winning West Brom captain Jake Livermore, HITC Sevens takes a look at the nine Hull City players from Curtis Davies' iconic 2016 Austrian pre-season tour photograph, and where those players are now.


  • Sven Yntema
    Sven Yntema 1 month ago

    Most goals scored in a season age 16-40

  • Ole Marius
    Ole Marius 1 month ago

    Dude... That's not Odubajo, it's Diomande!

  • NOC _
    NOC _ 1 month ago

    Hey HITC Seven you forgot a key player too Adama Diomande

  • Andreas E
    Andreas E 1 month ago (edited)

    That guy on the top right in the pic is Adama Diomande, not Moses Odubajo

  • Smash A Commie
    Smash A Commie 1 month ago

    I went out with a lass from Hull back when they were in the prem. EVERYONE claimed to be a Hull fan then. Where are they now?

  • Yam Karl
    Yam Karl 1 month ago

    Every day I will list the most requested videos here to let him see our video ideas, so please do not be angry if I take your idea because I just want to show HITC sevens the ideas and not to claim it as mine:

  • Peyton Dagenais
    Peyton Dagenais 1 month ago

    Hull City were the first club I ever watched (on TV, I live in Canada where hockey is the main sport). I watched them against everton in 2013ish, and chose THEM as my club to support. Still love the tigers, and am hopeful for their future. Soccer has completely changed my life, and I owe it all to HULL City for showing me the sport.

  • Johannes Nyborg
    Johannes Nyborg 1 month ago

    I pretty certain the player to the top right is Norwegian international Adama Diomande, not Moses Odubajo. Diomande now plays for Los Angeles FC.

  • Smedley Belkin
    Smedley Belkin 1 month ago

    Every player for every club ever.

  • Hans Rover
    Hans Rover 1 month ago (edited)

    Man, I was finding comments related to this video, but what I found is thirsty bois wanting their suggestions to be noticed.

  • alexx
    alexx 1 month ago

    I like the new transitions that you have made for the names and current clubs of the players- nice and snazzy!

  • oliver cundill
    oliver cundill 1 month ago

    As a Hull City fan I'm happy to see so many vids based on them.

  • Harry Farrell
    Harry Farrell 1 month ago

    Huddersfield promotion team where are they now

  • Matthew Burg
    Matthew Burg 1 month ago

    lovin these little, fun videos. I hope they take some strain off your mad upload schedule, so you can really squeeze everything out of the more in-depth vids. I'd love to see a top 7 father/son, mother/daughter pairings in history. With some exciting second-generation footballers out there at the moment, it seems like an interesting one--maybe. Keep rockin the great content and stay healthy

  • Raske Shades
    Raske Shades 1 month ago

    Did you just forget Adama Diomande?????

  • Jet Carter
    Jet Carter 1 month ago

    Keep up the good work Alfie. It's so nice to see videos about the lesser known clubs.

  • James Merget
    James Merget 1 month ago

    Hey Alfie much love from New Jersey appreciate all your content on Hull City and all the rest of the videos.

  • Tigers On Tour
    Tigers On Tour 1 month ago

    Quite mad how good oir squad did that year. They all turned out too be class players too.

  • RafaDinho ForLahm
    RafaDinho ForLahm 1 month ago

    As a big fan of your in depth analysis videos, are you interested in making one looking at Deportivo la Coruña and it’s fall over the past few years?

  • AuRa Clan
    AuRa Clan 1 month ago

    Do more Hull City videos!! I’d love to know more about what’s going wrong! The fans deserve better