🚆 Cab ride through THREE COUNTRIES! EuroCity from Zurich to Lindau (Switzerland - Austria - Germany) Download

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  • Premiered Aug 6, 2020

  • This cab ride will very soon be part of history - so make sure you don't miss it! Welcome aboard the EuroCity from Zurich to Munich! We're on our way from Zurich Main Station to Lindau Main Station. During the trip, we will be in a total of three countries, starting in Switzerland, going through Austria with one stop there and finally arriving in Lindau, Germany. The train will then change the locomotive and direction of travel and continue further to Munich with Diesel traction. All this will be history from December 2020: From then on, the EuroCity will consist of SBB RABe 503 (ETR 610, also called Astoro) EMUs that will no longer change direction of travel in Lindau. The new station Lindau-Reutin is still under construction, but almost finished and clearly visible in the cab ride. The new train travels fully electric up to Munich and is equipped with a tilting mechanism - all this and other measures will drastically reduce travel time from todays 4.5 hours in under 3.5 hours from 2021. It is a rainy summer evening, perfect conditions for a dreamy cab ride to cool down in these hot temperatures. Enjoy! Locomotive: Re 421 Train stops at: Zurich Main Station Zurich Airport Winterthur St. Gallen St. Margrethen Bregenz (A) Lindau (D) Any questions? Just ask! Like what you see? Please like, subscribe and click the bell next to the subscription button to get notified instantly about new uploads! You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @swisscabrides ! All content is original content created by me and/or my affiliates and ANY use outside this channel requires written permission from me. #RailwayEmotions #Switzerland #SBBCFFFFS


  • CesarBlumenau
    CesarBlumenau 1 month ago

    Very nice my dear, greetings from Brazil.

  • Alexander Sundukov
    Alexander Sundukov 1 month ago (edited)


  • Oslin
    Oslin 1 month ago

    I have to say that I love your job, the constant change of scenery and a beautiful one at that, again, thank you for sharing your experiences with us...

  • Restless Classic
    Restless Classic 1 month ago

    Even with all the chaos concerning humanity right now, God's earth is still beautiful..

  • Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta 1 month ago

    A nice fabulous journey through Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Thanks for sharing. Never thought that we'd get to experience three countries in one video. A thumbs-up to this video. 👍👍☺☺

  • DX Newington
    DX Newington 2 weeks ago

    That was relaxing. I found the rain very soothing. I like seeing trains crossing lines, as well as the feeling of speed and the train rounding bends and going through tunnels. These virtual cab rides are saving me a fortune in train fares! 😁 (Though, today, I still took a

  • Father Badger
    Father Badger 4 weeks ago

    You are awesome! Rail Cow Girl gave you a plug in one of her videos and this is how I found you. When I was in my 20s, there was nothing more that I wanted than to live in Switzerland. Now in my 40s, you are giving me a bit of that old dream.

  • Tim S
    Tim S 1 month ago

    Красотища! Спасибо огромное за видео из России.

  • PaulWantsToPlay
    PaulWantsToPlay 3 weeks ago

    This was quite a journey. Also showing us the path of a train engineer goes not always in sunshine.

  • Frederick Moller
    Frederick Moller 1 month ago

    Danken, that was an awesome journey I truly loved it! I'm a first generation German-Canadian, so my German language skills are non existent though I do understand a wee bit, again thanks!

  • slycat1939
    slycat1939 1 month ago

    As all your videos are --fantastic video mf---hope and pray you and your family are well. Love your videos love rewatching them over and over. Also sharing with my train group. They love them too. Thanks again will be looking forward to the next fantastic video of yours soon. God bless us all.

  • Scott Evans
    Scott Evans 2 weeks ago

    Brings back beautiful memories of 42 years ago when I was an 18-year-old on my way to Müncheh to spend six months as an exchange student there. This is the almost identical route I took. The only difference from this one in the video, if I recall correctly, was the trip from Zürich Hauptbahnhof to Winterthur, which I think went Oerlikon-Wallisellen-Dietlikon-Effretikon-Kempttal-Winterthur. I don't believe the line through Flughafen existed back then. I also recall the trip in reverse six months later, taking the same train back to Zürich from München to fly home again.

  • Jan Forbes
    Jan Forbes 1 month ago

    I find this a relaxing way to spend an hour , it's so interesting to look at the houses etc we traveled from the Zurich airport into the stat centrum and spent a great day wandering around and a boat ride on the lake , we will return next year hopefully , Switzerland is beautiful but very expensive , I'd love to spend three months da 🙋🏼🇧🇪

  • Peter Callomon
    Peter Callomon 1 month ago

    What a lovely film again! Notice the greenery in the tracks between St. M and Lindau. Wouldn't happen on even a branch line in Switzerland!! As a matter of curiosity what camera model are you using? I would love to know!

  • John Michael Dornoff
    John Michael Dornoff 1 month ago

    Thank you for another wonderful video, what beautiful scenery on that trip and the contrast between the three countries.

  • Nandakumar CP
    Nandakumar CP 1 month ago

    Please also mention the departure time in description even though the premier time is given in the notification it would be an additional information in description. I was a little confused initially the time displayed and the I understood it is adjusted for my time zone India time at

  • Oslin
    Oslin 1 month ago

    Awesome cab ride, it never gets old, thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us...

  • SantaFe AllTheWay
    SantaFe AllTheWay 1 month ago

    I very much appreciate all the informative captions you include on your videos.

  • Diniz de Araujo Andrade Filho

    Linda paisagem.

  • HopStepJunk
    HopStepJunk 1 month ago

    thank you for upload, great journey !!