Austria Climbing Summer Series LEAD #1 | Women's And Men's Finals Download

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  • Streamed live on Aug 3, 2020

  • Its the first finals of the Lead rounds of the Austria Summer Series from Imst. Both Men and Women are up in this stream, so sit back and enjoy some big moves and big drama... Psyched for climbing? Get geared up for your next adventure with the EpicTV Shop: Follow us @epictvclimbing on INSTAGRAM TIK TOK: TWITCH: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Austria Climbing Summer Series LEAD #1 | Women's And Men's Finals


  • Walter Lotte
    Walter Lotte 1 month ago

    The co commentator is the best commentator I've heard in climbing so far. He's so good at analyzing this sport and bringing it across in an understandable way - amazing.

  • Philipp !
    Philipp ! 1 month ago

    Can you reupload, because the video skips the part between the end of Georg Parmas climb an Martin Tekles climb.

  • Randall Baum
    Randall Baum 1 month ago

    Jesus, Jakob looking so strong. Dude seems just as strong and skilled as Ondra or Megos.

  • Max L
    Max L 1 month ago (edited)

    After Insbruck we have Imst with commercial panels being stupidly placed exactly where you need to put your feet.. I mean isn’t anybody seriously looking at this especially after the controversy 2 years ago?

  • SleepTightShipOfDrea
    SleepTightShipOfDrea 1 month ago

    here's an idea, don't put the dumbass signs in the first place! or make them the exact same texture as the wall so it doesn't matter if they're touched

  • ButterToast
    ButterToast 1 month ago (edited)

    Don't worry matt, you're not crazy. They hold really did move at around

  • Alex Benjamin Rosenthal

    Climbing starts

  • Eric Connor
    Eric Connor 1 month ago

    go to the austrian climbing channel for the re-live show at

  • Драпико Евгений

    next level DJing this time

  • Vladyslav Elashevskyy
    Vladyslav Elashevskyy 1 month ago

    What are those HRT spherical volumes hanging on three quickdraws? Never have I seen one of those, and I can't find in HRT catalogue. Any clue?

  • Cirrus Tan
    Cirrus Tan 1 month ago

    I saw that hold move also!

  • raviolibananapancake
    raviolibananapancake 1 month ago

    So since they bite the rope, does that mean they all get their own rope?

  • hydra66
    hydra66 1 month ago


  • Randomly Omnipotent
    Randomly Omnipotent 1 month ago


  • Jessica Grace
    Jessica Grace 1 month ago

    Yeahhh Schubert!!!!

  • Moppl97
    Moppl97 1 month ago

    What happend to Hanke Christoph? And don't the climbers need to clip all safety clips in the right order? What about Jakob Schubert skipping the last clip?

  • Michele Riggio
    Michele Riggio 1 month ago (edited)


  • Enzo Balzaretti
    Enzo Balzaretti 1 month ago

    Dope music