Top 10 Places To Visit In Austria Download

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  • Oct 21, 2019

  • Austria is one of my new favorite countries! I recently returned from a road trip to the Austrian Alps and I want to show you my favorite places. I was blown away by the beauty of its mountains and lakes. It was also a lot less crowded than other places in the European alps! I hope this inspires you to visit the amazing country of Austria someday! Get $55 Free for your next AIRBNB in Austria - Special thanks to Daniel Kogler for helping me with footage. He has some amazing videos from Austria! - My Other Travel Videos: Top 10 Places To Visit In The Alps - Top 10 Places To Visit In Greece - Top 10 Place in Europe - Top 5 Places in The Dolomites - Top 5 Places in Norway - Top 7 Places In The Isle of Skye - My camera and Travel gear - Where I get my music (one month free with this link) - Song: Ocean By Ehrling Also some minor corrections. The Grossglockner mountain isn't the mountain at 1:53 but it can be seen from Pastereze Glacier. And for the Olperer hike, most people just hike to the hut (not to the peak) and enjoy some amazing Kaiserschmarrn (traditional Austrian dish)!


  • julia
    julia 10 months ago

    as an austrian you don't really realize how beautiful austria is but when i see the videos i can really see how pretty i live

  • michi hofer
    michi hofer 10 months ago

    As an Austrian I'm greatfulll to this gentleman who produced this marvelous video. Many many thanks from Graz!

  • anna- lena
    anna- lena 8 months ago

    Jetz mecht i wissn wievül Leit do aus Östarreich san?

  • Captain Blyat
    Captain Blyat 7 months ago

    Austria: In the title

  • Nemesis Chan
    Nemesis Chan 9 months ago

    Austria is such a beautiful country! 😍💖🇦🇹 Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Quotenwagnerianer
    Quotenwagnerianer 10 months ago (edited)

    I was at the Grossglocknerroad once. In my childhood in the 80's. Haven't seen the area since but I had some memories in my brain how it looked. Haven't seen it since, and your droneshots were quite shocking to me. The snow and ice I remember.... all gone.

  • Siegfried Winkler
    Siegfried Winkler 9 months ago

    Österreich ist schon schön. Grüße aus Schottland.

  • Jana Mittermayr
    Jana Mittermayr 10 months ago

    Being from Austria I can only agree. One thing I notice though is that no one seems to do the tour through the ancient saline mines. I've done the tour many times myself and over the years they massively improved. With the newest renovation they even added a virtual reality movie. Definitely worth a visit! There's also one very interesting story about the stone lions of Hallstatt. They don't have a tongue (and the stone mason drowned himself because of that but that's a different story 😂).

  • D. R.
    D. R. 9 months ago

    Austria and Swiss are definately one of the Places to see and to feel like Heaven

  • Andreas Aigner
    Andreas Aigner 8 months ago

    I live in Salzburg, both of my aunts are married to americans and live in Arizona since decades. My Aunt was once asked by an American why she still hasn’t got the US citizenship - she asked him if he‘s ever been to austria. He said yes and she just replied that it would be like giving god the most beautiful gift back because you don‘t want it and she‘ll ever be an Austrian in heart and on paper (usually you can’t have a dual-citizenship here)... 😉

  • Stefanie Horvath
    Stefanie Horvath 10 months ago

    This title would be better: Top 10 in the region of Salzburg ;) Though a great video :)

  • Caroline Spitzer
    Caroline Spitzer 9 months ago

    To be honest, being from Austria I can say that there are definitely so many more beautiful places than those mentioned in the video! You have only visited the super touristy spots unfortunately

  • Dj_w0lfZz
    Dj_w0lfZz 8 months ago

    im an austrian guy and i really like your top 10. i was by myself eveerywhere and i even go to school in hallstatt because its so beautyful.

  • Maria Antônia
    Maria Antônia 10 months ago

    Amo a Áustria. Se um dia for visitar algum PAÍS, a Áustria será um deles. Só uma dificuldade, deveria colocar legenda traduzida para o Português; para que desfrutassemos melhor da aua companhia, falando desses belíssimos lugares. Gratidão imensa, pela beleza que mostraste. LUZ E AMOR. Boa noite

  • Daniella Making Learning Art

    I loved this so much. Thank you for making it and uploading it. Must have been hard to leave all of's something you always keep with you for the rest of your life.

  • Franz-Joseph Hierzer
    Franz-Joseph Hierzer 7 months ago

    Der Bua mag des Salzkammergut anscheinend 😅. Grüße an alle Österreicher aus Graz

  • Sven Heilborn
    Sven Heilborn 3 months ago

    Congratulations for your national holiday on 26th October Austria from your friends in Germany 3 Austria is a beaufitul country with nice landscape, charming people and such a nice culture. I´m really proud to call you our friends. Best wishes for the future from your friends in Germany 3

  • Onil Marte Navarroza
    Onil Marte Navarroza 10 months ago

    I am very lucky that my partner is Austrian who is living in Pinzgau. I have been travelling to Austria a few times a year for the past three years. Indeed, this country is absolutely gorgeous and Austrians are actually very friendly people, at least those who are not in the cities.

  • Maria Pucher
    Maria Pucher 10 months ago

    I am from Austria and I feel like to less people are speaking about it, so thank you!😊

  • denis fladl
    denis fladl 9 months ago

    Its more a “Favorite places near Salzburg “