Tik Tok Boys Are Saying They Look Like Us... Download

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  • May 8, 2020

  • People made Tik Toks about us... so we watched them all SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDolan... Check out our podcast :) New Podcasts Every Tuesday - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast... https://open.spotify.com/episode/5AcG... Merch (Going away soon :')) - https://dolantwins.com Check out our company Wakeheart! - https://wakeheart.com Ethan’s Stuff INSTAGRAM - https://instagram.com/ethandolan/ TWITTER - https://twitter.com/EthanDolan SNAPCHAT - EthanDolan Grayson’s Things INSTAGRAM - https://instagram.com/graysondolan/ TWITTER - https://twitter.com/GraysonDolan SNAPCHAT - GraysonDolan


  • — Emily Priscilla —

    Grayson’s hair really transformed him from Daddy Grayson to Father Grayson

  • Malia B
    Malia B 1 month ago

    Okay, now I’m convinced that Grayson actually likes being called “daddy” lol

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou 1 month ago

    why don’t they say “we’re back” anymore:(

  • that hurt my feelings
    that hurt my feelings 1 month ago

    they are too cute when that girl said her outfit was bad and they were like “aw that’s not a bad outfit, look at mine” 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Grace Dobat
    Grace Dobat 1 month ago

    It seems like the Dolan twins matured and It’s nice

  • vsB.anilE
    vsB.anilE 2 months ago

    Grayson with his haircut looks like he belongs in almost every Netflix teen series

  • Jas 3
    Jas 3 1 month ago

    Why is everyone ignoring the fact that they're almost at 11M...

  • Danielle Aznar
    Danielle Aznar 1 month ago

    “If Ethan’s eyes were blue, and his face was completely different... then yes they’d look the same” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Divine Parma
    Divine Parma 1 month ago (edited)

    60% of this vid is them cringing at guys who think they look like the twins

  • Shiv Sharma
    Shiv Sharma 1 month ago

    It actually breaks my heart knowing they’ve had stalker issues/ security issues to the point they need security. When will some people learn some personal boundaries 😕

  • diungy alisnr
    diungy alisnr 1 month ago

    Ethan and Grayson are the two types of hairstyles during quarantine

  • Sharnelle Marriott
    Sharnelle Marriott 1 month ago

    Literally No one :

  • Ellie Farber
    Ellie Farber 1 month ago

    no one:

  • kคຟคii p໐tคt໐

    Grayson 2020: I feel like a dad-

  • beowyrt
    beowyrt 1 month ago

    That stalker one was so cringe, cause they had to shift houses BECAUSE recently a girl broke into their house into their kitchen while the twins were out of the house and Cameron had to deal with the stalker

  • minx.toesies
    minx.toesies 2 months ago

    i love the fact that gray and ethan just post whatever they want whenever they want to now it just feels way more natural

  • Poorvi K
    Poorvi K 1 month ago

    “your welcome grayson dolan’s jawline” 💀

  • Emil Kelso
    Emil Kelso 1 month ago

    When u dressed up as Jeffree Star u looked like “white chics”

  • Handsome Mahlambi
    Handsome Mahlambi 1 month ago

    “These kids from the back”

  • hayley
    hayley 2 weeks ago (edited)

    two types of guys on tiktok: