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  • Jul 31, 2020

  • Half of the ordinary baryonic matter has been tough to find but Fast Radio Bursts made it possible to detect the WHIM. Thanks to Kiwico for sponsoring this video! For 20% off go to https://kiwico.com/veritasium or use code VERITASIUM at checkout. Special thanks to Prof. Geraint Lewis https://ve42.co/gfl Nature paper: A census of baryons in the Universe from localized fast radio bursts https://ve42.co/whim Research and Writing by Max Levy, Derek Muller and Jonny Hyman Editing, Animations, Audio Mix & Mastering by Jonny Hyman Filmed by Raquel Nuno Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci Music from Epidemic Sound https://epidemicsound.com


  • Holy Koolaid
    Holy Koolaid 2 days ago

    Scientists are discovering and solving technical problems like this that most of us aren't knowledgeable enough to even know exist.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Veritasium: Half the universe was missing... until now

  • Bibby Blah
    Bibby Blah 2 days ago

    7 years from now this will be in everyone's recommended section.

  • Anders Husmo
    Anders Husmo 2 days ago

    "Warm-hot" is such a hilariously modest term to refer to millions of Kelvin. Like, "warm-hot" is how I would refer to the temperature of my coffee when it's been in my mug for a couple of minutes and isn't quite "hot" anymore. Physics and astronomy operate on such a fundamentally different scale you can't even wrap your mind around it!

  • Danilego
    Danilego 2 days ago

    Mom: "You can eat your food already! It's not hot, it's just warm-hot!"

  • Om bhatt
    Om bhatt 3 days ago (edited)

    Last time I was this early, half the Universe was still missing.

  • Daniel Goleš
    Daniel Goleš 1 day ago

    Imagine telling 5G rebels that lightning radiates at all spectrum...

  • Albin Petschauer
    Albin Petschauer 1 day ago

    I find it interesting that in science that “recently” or “until now” can mean up to 20 gears ago. Lol

  • Giap Chin
    Giap Chin 1 day ago

    What a humble yet powerful message at the end: Don't be afraid to be wrong.

  • Michael Chater
    Michael Chater 2 days ago

    I was learning about the start of the universe - when hydrogen and helium formed - and redshifting in my physics class. This video nicely links them together and helps strengthen my understanding. So, thanks for this video… I truly appreciate it 😊

  • JC HD
    JC HD 2 days ago

    No matter how hard we look for it, mom will find it after we’ve said that we couldn’t.

  • Stephen Stewart
    Stephen Stewart 2 days ago

    "Where is the other half?"

  • Eye of the Tiger [][][]

    Can't find the missing half of the universe?

  • Erbsen Zähler
    Erbsen Zähler 1 day ago

    "Intergalactic filament Loki can't insult you, he's not real" Intergalactic filament Loki: "Quiny Whim!"

  • Holy Ravioli
    Holy Ravioli 3 days ago

    Neat, now in the future i can say, "Back in my day we could only see half the universe!"

  • ranter39
    ranter39 2 days ago

    Who else had their spirit crushed when he said "and no, I'm not talking about dark matter or dark energy"

  • Elite Wheat
    Elite Wheat 2 days ago

    I like how scientists can find the other half of the universe but haven't found my dad.

  • ADM .PL
    ADM .PL 2 days ago

    Half of... Is missing?

  • Luke O'Connor
    Luke O'Connor 2 days ago

    4 unskippable adverts - he’s got the algorithm on his side

  • Diego Acosta
    Diego Acosta 3 days ago

    Me: "Ma! I can't find the other half of the known universe!"