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  • Dec 13, 2016

  • Ethan gets his wisdom teeth removed and GOES CRAZY after the surgery hahahaha SUBSCRIBE - Last Week's Video - Ethan’s Social Media Instagram - Twitter - Snapchat - EthanDolan Grayson’s Social Media Instagram - Twitter - Snapchat - GraysonDolan


  • Ella Litvak
    Ella Litvak 2 months ago

    if boys got periods and had mood swings this is it

  • taryn blakeley
    taryn blakeley 1 month ago

    i literally DIED when he said he was a grown man and took his shirt off hahah and when his doctor said he was the top 5 worst behaved patients

  • Allyson Muir
    Allyson Muir 1 month ago

    Ethan: "I'm a savage"

  • Alanah M
    Alanah M 2 months ago

    “I am disgusting”😔. “No wonder I don’t have no friends” I felt that😂🙃😕

  • tsm 711
    tsm 711 2 months ago (edited)

    Who’s here in June/July 2020? I know it’s not just me.....

  • Multivs help
    Multivs help 1 month ago

    Who’s here watching In quarantine bc this video is sooo funny

  • Lillian Alvarez
    Lillian Alvarez 1 month ago (edited)


  • kayla marie
    kayla marie 1 month ago

    ethan: "i'm never going to get a girlfriend"

  • miggie styles
    miggie styles 1 month ago

    never. gets. old.

  • Koala_ Playz
    Koala_ Playz 2 months ago

    This should be the try not to laugh challenge.

  • Kyson Kinsey
    Kyson Kinsey 1 month ago (edited)

    Grayson: "Bro what did they give you?!"

  • Josie Mich
    Josie Mich 1 month ago

    It’s literally 5 am and I’m rewatching this because I’m getting mine out in 9 hours

  • Skye L
    Skye L 1 month ago

    3 years later and this never fails to make me laugh especially in quarantine.

  • Maeve Wikstrom
    Maeve Wikstrom 1 year ago

    I genuinely peed my pants when ethan lost both of his hats

  • Alanah Allen-croswell
    Alanah Allen-croswell 1 month ago (edited)

    “You’re a nice person... expect for when you’re being a bit-“ Ethan Dolan 2016

  • Joselyn 45
    Joselyn 45 1 month ago

    Ethan:excuse me ma’am have u ever met a savage

  • Kaylee Wilson
    Kaylee Wilson 1 month ago

    why does he always rap when he is loopy🤣

  • Bella Vail
    Bella Vail 1 month ago

    Ethan loses hat:

  • Richard Warren
    Richard Warren 1 year ago

    3 years later.. im still coming back to this video and it never gets old.

  • Grace Bond
    Grace Bond 2 months ago (edited)