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Warning: This montage contains sudden drops, lots of twists and turns, and a whole lotta people having fun on roller coasters. If you don't enjoy laughing, viewer ...For Your Amusement
For Your Amusement
4 gün önce
WARNING: The winners of our “Two Cute to Handle” challenge could send you into cuteness overload. Side effects include uncontrollable smiling, extreme ...Two Cute to Handle
Two Cute to Handle
1 hafta önce
The winners of our “Namastay Outside” challenge are gonna make you wanna “namastay” on ellentube and keep watching them over and over again!Namastay Outside
Namastay Outside
2 hafta önce
They say you can't choose your family, but you can choose to videotape them doing cute things together. This is a tribute to all the times siblings got along, which ...It Takes Two
It Takes Two
1 ay önce
This montage has more party animals than a booze cruise to Ensenada. No, seriously, it's full of actual animals having a good time. #TheEllenShow #Ellen ...Party Animals
Party Animals
1 ay önce